Our serial novel on Kindle Vella is now in the second half of its first season! ⁠

But what is Kindle Vella? ⁠

It’s a serial novel platform launched by Amazon similar to Radish, Wattpad, and many others. Currently, it is in beta testing, so it is rolling out new stories and features every week. You can access it on iOS devices in the Kindle app, and on all browsers (even Silk on your Kindle Fire). Android and Fire apps updates are upcoming – exact dates TBA.⁠

The first 3 episodes of this steamy MM romance serial novel are FREE! ⁠

When the Black-fur Hades meets the no-fur Doll, he can just feel his comfortable life as a back-alley fixer slipping through his paw. Being contracted to take the no-fur away from trouble brewing with his mobster owners to a breeding farm upstate seems like a straightforward enough job.⁠

But when it comes to dealing with this particular no-fur, nothing is straightforward.⁠

From the authors who brought you Burn Outs, a dark superhero gay romance series.⁠

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