Burn Outs

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A dark, steamy gay superhero romance series

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In a world where a select few are granted superpowers, the Chosen are pitted in staged battles of good vs. evil. That is, until a Hero turned against the system and stole everyone’s powers.

Can retired Villain Matt Evans restore balance to the world when his long dormant powers mysteriously come back on line? And can he do it while navigating the awkwardness of working with Colton Stevens – a former Hero who used to be Matt’s public rival as well as his private lover.

TRIGGER WARNING: The Burn Outs series contains scenes of dub-con and non-con sexual encounters as well as emotional manipulations that some readers may find distressing.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This series is meant to be read from book 1 through book 7 as a continuous story, with cliffhangers and no definitive resolution until book 7.

Available as a Serial Novel (titled The Down & Dirty Heroes Series) on Radish