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Our Kindle Vella serials are now live!!

Hermit & Star have created a steamy, dark Yaoi world of anthropomorphic feline Alphas and their no-fur Omegas!
When the Black-fur Hades meets the no-fur Doll, he can just feel his comfortable life as a back-alley fixer slipping through his paw. Being contracted to take the no-fur away from trouble brewing with his mobster owners to a breeding farm upstate seems like a straightforward enough job.
But when it comes to dealing with this particular no-fur, nothing is straightforward.

RE: Possessed

Jacob Kruez is a world-famous exorcist, with his own TV show and everything. He’s Brodie’s hero. That is until Brodie is cast as Jacob’s co-star on his show Re: Possessed and he meets Jacob face to face. Brodie finds out that everything about Jacob is just smoke and mirrors.

Except that Jacob is still the hottest man alive, even if he is a liar and a jerk. Brodie quickly finds himself in over his head with both Jacob and the ghosts that aren’t supposed to be real.

The first 3 episodes of both serial novels are FREE for all readers!

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 Burn Outs complete series is now available on eBook and Paperback

Matt’s powers have mysteriously returned after more than 20 years & his former rival Colton might be the only person who understands why. There’s only one problem with asking Colton for help. They used to be in love.
And maybe they still are.
But can their rekindled romance stand up to the pressure of saving the world from a hero gone bad?

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51driruzizlCheck out our newest short story, “Something More”, now available in the No Safewords 2 anthology! For sale now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Riverdale Avenue Books.


You can also find our flash fiction story “Mourning” in Queer Sci-Fi’s 5th annual flash fiction contest winners anthology. Available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. Also available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and itunes.


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