Editing in Progress



Just got word from the newest member of the Hermit & Star backstage team (our editor Lee) that Episode 4 has passed her rigorous testing process and is ready for the final tweaks. Hopefully, that means we will have the pre-order links up in a couple weeks!
And on the note of editing, we are also working on the first run through of Episode 5, which is at the moment a nightmare scape of new material, vague foreshadowing to Episode 6, and rewriting the end bits of what was supposed to be Ghost House 2 (for those of you who remember the early days of the Parliament where we tried to keep everything in nice, neat separate series, or maybe serieses? There were 3 of them, with more on the horizon.)
So, yeah, we’re hip deep in edits and reworkings. Not sure when we’re looking at for a release on 5, but I’d say watch for 4 sometime at the beginning of next month.
Thanks for sticking with us through the suck hole of depression and creative dry spell that was 2016. We appreciate everyone who was there for us even if we seemed to be giving up and moving to Australia to start a new life as kangaroo groomers.
For those of you who haven’t yet picked up Episodes 1 thru 3, they are available at most major retailers of paperbacks and ebooks. Check out the list here.