The eBook will be Available Tomorrow!

In case you haven’t been following my Facebook feed, the eBook version of Parliament of Twilight: Episode One will be available to purchase tomorrow!  There are pre-orders up on Smashwords, Amazon, and many other online retailers.

If you prefer a paperback, the ones we have printed through are gorgeous!  You can order them straight from Lulu or from our Etsy shop.  They are also available at many online sellers (such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble).  Also, while you’re at the Etsy shop, check out the stickers & prints that Nevi has made!  We’ll be constantly adding more as we fill up our stock.

Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!
Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!

Anyone who is in the Philadelphia area should come by and see us at Nijicon!  It’s the first major Yaoi-based convention on the East Coast!  It’s going to be very exciting.  It also caters to slash, M/M romance, and just about anything else that’s bromance, gay, boy’s love related.  We’ll have copies of the book, art prints, some Rainbow’s Anthem plushies (rumor has it she’s working on a set of Junjo Romantica dolls!).

And our special is still in place.  Anyone who shows up with their own copy of the PoT: Ep 1 paperback to be signed by myself and Nevi will get a free 8 x 11 art print to take home with them!

Back Home

Wow, what a weekend!  Having our first convention experience was exciting, exhausting, terrifying, amazing, and above all else, educational.  We will be looking forward to returning to Ramencon over and over for the years to come!  While we didn’t do the amount of sales we would have liked, we did really well for first timers.  We had amazing neighbors, both beside us and across the way.  The people who stopped to browse at our table were so nice and friendly.  Overall, even with a few bumps and bruises, it was just so great!

our booth at Ramencon 2014, day 3.
our booth at Ramencon 2014, day 3.

But now that we’re back, we have 2 announcements.  Firstly, the paperback for our Yaoi novel, the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One, is available at a discount on  It will be coming available on other retailers in the coming weeks, but at the full price of $14.99.  And secondly, if you prefer an ebook version, it is up for pre-order on Smashwords (and MIGHT be showing up on some other sites for pre-order, but definitely once it releases).

Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!

If you’re interested in buying prints from Nevi Star (my writing partner and the cover artist), stay tuned! I have to fiddle with the setting and we will have an Etsy & a Storenvy opened by the end of the week.  Please don’t be shy about contacting us via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or a comment on our blog about the books, art, life as writers, or suggestions for fanworks you’d like to see from Nevi!  We’re super friendly and happy to hear from our readers!

They Have Arrived!

The books came this morning and we are so stoked for Ramencon this weekend!  They look great inside and out.  I’m so impressed with the print quality from Lulu! They’re always so nice!  Also, just an FYI, the paperback will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other retailers in the next few weeks for $14.99.  But if you want it now and for a super price of $12.74, go to Lulu!  They will be available to purchase directly from us at Ramencon and Nijicon for $15.

The books are amazing!
The books are amazing!

Also at the conventions we will have 8 x 11 art prints, 13 x 19 posters, stickers, free previews of the novel, and Rainbow’s Anthem will be joining us with her adorable plushies.  And Dani will be wearing the amazing Twilight Sparkle hoodie that was made by Seth from Rainbow’s Anthem, if you want to see what else she makes!

Where Are We Now?

Have you been by Yaoi A Go Go‘s table at Yaoi-con this weekend?  If not, drop by and say hello!  The lovely ladies of Yaoi a Go Go have a huge stack of our FREE previews of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One on her table.  Say hi from Hermit & Star!

us at yaoicon
those are our books, behind the fishbowl and in front of the girl in the kimono!

In other news, it’s ready!  Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 is up for sale on!  We’re waiting on our paperback copies to arrive, but all the online previews look amazing.  We’ve had a great success with publishing paperbacks with Lulu in the past, so I’m very confident that this one is going to be just as awesome.

Very soon, copies will be available at our Etsy & StoreEnvy sites (once I get them live!) Also, we will have a stack of books with us next weekend in Merrillville, IN at Ramencon!  If you’re in the area, why not stop by?  It’s a smallish con, so we won’t be hard to find!  And we’re going to have our amazing, rotating, editorial ninja Seth in tow, along with her collection of super cute Cuddle Buddies looking to be adopted!  And we’re taking it on the road in a few weeks all the way to Nijicon, in Valley Forge, PA.

Also, we’re offering anyone who brings their own copy of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One to be signed a free sticker or 8 x 11 art print.  And that’s either at Ramencon, Nijicon, or if you happen to catch us out at the mall with a pile of stickers in our messenger bags!  It could happen!


Get it While It’s HOT!

Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!
Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!

It’s ready!  Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 is up for sale on!  We’re waiting on our paperback copies to arrive, but all the online previews look amazing.  We’ve had a great success with publishing paperbacks with Lulu in the past, so I’m very confident that this one is going to be just as awesome.

With seven brand new pieces of black and white artwork, as well as tons of new written material, this book is great for someone who has never read our work, or for a returning reader who wants to know where it all started!  As you might know, you can get the first three books we put out (Ghost House, Monster, & Inertia) as ebooks from most websites for only $0.99.  We’re calling those the Tales from the Parliament of Twilight, because they tell a big chuck of the story, focusing on three main couples.  Ghost House has Jacob & Brodie.  Monster tells the story of Julian & Siris.  And Inertia keeps things hot with the tale of RT & Skye’s first weekend together.

Around those love stories, these books attempted to map out the complicated world of the Parliament of Twilight.  The only problem was that each book was intended to be the start of a separate series, each taking place at a different point along the timeline of the world.  It made for confusing reading and even more confusing writing.  So, after a long and hard look at the story we wanted to tell, Nevi and I made the choice to stop telling three different stories and combine them all into one cohesive story line.  The result amazed even us!

The Parliament of Twilight books are going to revisit the stories told in the three books already published, but by putting them into the context of the story as a whole, you will find dimensions of the narrative opening up in a way that we just couldn’t achieve in the old format.  We’re shifting our focus away from pieces of story between steamy sex scenes.  Not to say that we’re taking out the sex!  We couldn’t do that.  The world of the Parliament of Twilight is unflinchingly sexual.  Changing that would undo the integrity of what we’ve created.  But the sex scenes aren’t going to be point of the books like they were becoming when we tried to conform to the pattern set forth by writers who are at the forefront of our genre of Paranormal Romance and Horror.

While we love the works of JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bec McMaster, and others like them, we have found that containing the story to one pair of lovers at a time just doesn’t fit our writing style.  So we’re working with an ensemble cast, full of unforgettable characters, romantic entanglements, apocalyptic prophecies, evil conglomerates, and wild adventures.  They’ll be fighting monsters, dodging ex-lovers, forming friendships and rivalries, and chasing happiness, blissfully unaware that every move is part of some greater scheme.  It should be a wild ride (for us as much as our readers!)

Also, anyone who brings their own copy of Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 to our table at Ramencon or Nijicon to be signed will also get a free piece of 8 x 11 art!

Also, check out our shiny new account!  Donate as little as $1 to help us get the next book ready for publication!

First Major Announcements

Wow, but time does fly when you’re up to your neck in projects!  We’ve been busy, busy, busy here at the studio.  Along with finishing up the first installment of the re-launched Parliament of Twilight books, we’ve been preparing for two conventions coming up!   We will be attending both with our books, original and fan art prints by Nevi Star, and plushies by our friend Seth at Rainbow’s Anthem!

September 19-21 we’ll be at Ramencon in Merrillville, Indiana.  Just a note here, we may still be listed under our old name of Wandering Stars Press, but it’s really us!

And October 18-19, it’s off to Nijicon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We don’t know what our table number or locations will be yet, but if you keep an eye on my Twitter and the studio’s Facebook, we will update as soon as we know.

Coming soon will be a free preview of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 book we will be premiering at the conventions this fall.  As soon as I figure out the fiddly bits, it will be  a free PDF you can download from our site.  Don’t forget to hit the “follow this blog” button on the side of your screen so you can get email updates whenever I post.

I can’t think of anything else that needs to be said right now, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know!