Have you started reading the amazing stories on kindlevella?

Amazon is giving out a FREE bundle of 200 tokens — that’s enough to read about 10 – 12 episodes! And every story has the first 3 episodes always FREE!!

Awesome, but what the heck is Kindle Vella?

It’s a serial story platform (like Radish or Wattpad) where readers can buy stories one episode at a time, taking them in little bites or binging as many as you can read in one sitting!

The cool part is that often you are getting the stories AS THEY ARE BEING WRITTEN! And nothing on Vella has been published in ebook or paperback form before. You’re getting the freshest words from favorite authors and new talents.

YOU CAN GET STARTED HERE, WITH MY MMROMANCES! There’s something for everyone – darkromance, romcom, paranormal, omegaverse, ghosts, demons, smalltownromance, steamy bits & silly boys.

And don’t forget the anthro
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