First Review and Other News

Very excited to have woken up this morning to find that we have our very first Amazon review on the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1!  And it’s a great one!  I couldn’t have made up a better one myself.

On that note, I feel like I have a few random opinions and things to drop here for you.

Firstly, I love reviews.  And I dread them.  I think that’s true of all authors.  You never know if the person who wrote it is your next biggest fan or was completely offended by how you portrayed your alternate steampunk history version of a cyborg Genghis Khan.  In that moment before we open our eyes and read it, the mind of an author has already crafted about half a dozen different versions of what the review is going to say.

We brilliantly extol our favorite moments or characters.  We dissect every weakness, real or imagined, in our narrative.  We fear that the reader couldn’t stand our not-quite-redeemed bad boy.  We hope that they also fell in love with our slightly damaged romantic interest.  We pray they laughed at our jokes and we just know that they didn’t get any of them.

But once that initial rush of emotions passes, we open our eyes and read the review.

In this case, it was a glowing commentary on the first book of our series.  In the past it has been a scathing dressing down.  Both kinds of reviews affect me as a writer and as a person.  Like all other people who put my work out there, I don’t particularly like negative reviews.

But I still appreciate that someone took the time to write something about my work.  I learn from every negative review.  Whether the lesson is that there’s no way I can please everyone.  Or that the warning label marking our books as erotic horror needs to be more prominent.  Or that the way we portray Jacob Kruez (the aforementioned not-yet-redeemed bad boy) is so spot on that we’ve utterly offended someone.

The glowing reviews, on the other hand, reaffirm that I don’t totally suck at this writer thing.  They help me move forward with the next book.  (Did I mention that we’re doing first edits Episode 3 right now?  Only a few weeks until we’re shipping it off to the editor’s desk.)  They let me know that what I want to communicate with my stories is getting across.  And, let’s be honest, they just feel good when I stroke my ego with them.

But no matter what the content of the review, I think that its important for them to be left.  Doubly so if the author is either published through a smaller press or self-published (as we are).  Do it if a work entertained you, made you cry, made you think, or offended the very core of your ideas about a steampunk cyborg Genghis Khan.  If that book gave you a reaction of any sort, taking a few moments to rate and review on Amazon, Goodreads, or just talking about it on your social media outlet of choice will help the author.

Every little bit builds us up.  Every mention online gives us the chance to reach more readers and tell our stories to even just one more person.  And I don’t know about other people who are publishing, but that’s really the point for me.  To tell my stories to whoever will listen.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.  If you’re interested in our books, check out the shopping page for links.

Get it on the Cheap

Just wanted to let our loyal readers know that there is a super awesome sale going on today on ARe.  They have hundreds of titles on sale for what works out to being 50% off (after the rebate they’re offering).  This includes all of our published titles and the pre-order for the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2, live on their site as of this morning.

And if you just can’t wait for the eBook release on May 5th, we do have the print version of both Episode 1 & 2 available right now on with a sweet little 10% discount that isn’t available on any other website.

And for those of you who are into the illustrated editions, Episode 1 is available in print and eBook everywhere.  No official release date for Episode 2’s illustrated edition, but Nevi only has a few more pages to finish up.  We’re hoping to have more news on that in a few weeks.

Not a fan of ARe?  No problem!  The eBook is on pre-order on these sites as well:  Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

Pre-Order Links!

I’m very excited to announce that that pre-order for the eBook of Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2 is available on Smashwords!  There is still some processing to be done, but it will be available on Amazon for pre-order as well in the next day or so.  Still need your copy of Episode 1?  Check out our links here for your favorite supplier of either eBook or Print editions.

ebook cover ep2

Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2

Release Date: May 5th, 2015

Available on Smashwords, Amazon (link now live!)


When faced with terror and assassination attempts, the men of the Parliament of Twilight must show what they are made of.

Will Brodie be able to save himself from the very real horrors of a haunted house on the fake ghost hunting show? What about the wheelchair bound assassin known as Night Owl? What is he going to do with this new partner and a mission that could prove to be impossible? Can Julian find a way to feed his demanding nature that doesn’t involve Marius smuggling prostitutes into the hospital?

And what about RT’s new romance with the much younger Kayden Miles? Will Kayden’s father prove to be their undoing or the least of their worries?

The next installment of the Parliament of Twilight series delivers mortal peril, real demons, internet porn, and the beginnings of young love. More questions are asked than answered, but these boys are just getting warmed up!

EDITED to add Amazon pre-order link.