Fall in Love with the Parliament of Twilight series

As part of the Valentine’s blog hop brought to us by the lovely Nicki J Markus, I’m going to talk a little bit about the Parliament of Twilight series.




What is the Parliament of Twilight? ¬†Well, it started as several different LGBT-centric series that were loosely tied together in the same world. But that didn’t work out. There was far too much overlap to keep the writing straight (never was any hope for keeping those characters straight, LOL). Nevi and I were straining ourselves to build the world and plots in a way that kept everything making sense. But when you have 3 storylines with the potential for more, all running concurrently, it makes for a mess.

So, from the ashes rose the new idea of just lumping it all together and being able to fill out everyone’s stories in one continuous series. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The main three couples are still working their messes out (but what romances are messy at the beginning?), but the background story of the shady organization of the Parliament of Twilight is intact and flows beautifully.

When people ask us how long the series is going to be, the best answer we can give is that it will be as long as it needs to be to tell the wholestory. But the rough estimate that we can give with how much we’ve told in the nearly 7 episodes we’ve written is that in the area of 25 volumes should cover the complicated main story arc as well as leaving space for the main cast to get their happy endings. And yes, despite what you might believe from reading the first few episodes, we do intend for almost all the cast to have happy endings.

It’s a daunting task, writing something that by its very nature is so long, but we’re so very excited about the story and the characters. There’s a flavor for every taste.

You like cute little twinks, we have Brodie and Chip. Into the older hot men? There’s RT, his twin Quentin, and Jacob (but don’t tell him we said he was “older”!) Cross-dressers? We’ve got Stefan. Bisexuals? There’s a few of those too. Red-heads, blonds, guys with accents. Whatever you want, I’m sure we can find it for you within the pages of this far-reaching series.

We frequently refer to this series as being “yaoi and/or anime inspired” because it is, to a spectacular degree. We have some very ridiculous, over the top scenes. The story lines are beset with misunderstandings, super powers, vampires, evil organizations, redemption, betrayal, laughter and tears. It’s melodramatic and shameless. It’s sexy and dangerous. There are monsters everywhere, but you can never tell if it’s the creature with the teeth and claws or the beautiful man at your side.

It’s everything we love scribbled down in black and white.

We’ve had a blast writing it so far, and hope you enjoy reading it just as much. Enjoy!

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