Welcome to 2019

I am not a person who shares my personal life very lightly.  I don’t post endless Facebook streams about how much I am hurting. How much I am missing someone. How sick I am or how much I hate my hair or whatever. I like to keep private things private.

But then I realized that no matter how much I might like that to be true, I am a writer. I am a published author. I expose my innermost thoughts and feelings in every word that I write. Literally hundreds of people have read what I have put out there. I might as well be standing naked in town square for all the privacy I have for my most secret thoughts and fantasies. They’re all out there, posted up on Amazon for anyone to just grab up and look at and judge and review.

Whatever I tell myself, I am exposed in the most personal way possible. So I feel that I can share what has been going on. Because we do have those people who pay attention to what we’re doing. We do have people who are wondering where the hell Episode 5 is. What ever happened to those other projects we were excitedly talking about back at the beginning of 2018.

The short answer is, they are all sitting on my desk. Right here. Waiting.

And if you want the long story, keep reading.

After a very emotionally taxing second half of 2018, our entire family is still reeling from loss, pain, and trying to wrap our heads around how to live in a world that is now lacking.  The brutally honest truth is that our pain has kept us from working on our passions in any significant way. New words aren’t flowing. Old words aren’t being polished and put right. We are struggling through what things we can find to bring us joy.

I have found solace in working with yarn. Nevi is working on her personal growth and has started drawing again. We are starting to feel like we are creatively viable for the first time in over six months. We are putting together our own art brands (I will post another blog once they are ready to share.)

And we are looking at the writing, taking deep breaths, and preparing ourselves to take the plunge back into our beloved world of the Parliament of Twilight. We are nearly ready, nearly to the place where it is no longer too hard, too scary and too emotionally taxing to pick up where we left off.

But we’re not quitters. We might be taking a long time, but we aren’t giving up. The books might have a long gap between releases, but they aren’t just stopping mid-story.  We aren’t going to abandon our readers or our characters. We will be back to our stride in the next few months. We will come out of this stronger than before. Better than we ever were for the hardships we have been going through.


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