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preorder your copy of this new mmromance about kinky superheroes today! Only 7 days left before the special preorder price expires! (link in bio)

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Someone drank all of my coffee!

Guess that means I am almost done here and should head home soon. But I got a good start on editing the first part of book4 of our mmromance superhero bdsm boyslove queernovel series Burn Outs.

Book 2 & 3 are all done, covers, blurbs, and primary edits. They’ve gone off to see the editor for a little facelift and we will have the release dates in the next couple weeks.
It’s looking like the whole series will be out by this time next year! And then we will be back to our parliamentoftwilight series, with new covers, a collected boxset of the first four episodes and the next arc of the story ready to go!

On top of that, there are several other projects we have been working on and we’ll be releasing details on them as soon as we know them!
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The cover for Back Issues (Burn Outs book 1) is now live!!⁠

From the Authors of the Parliament of Twilight series comes a new erotic world of Heroes and Villains where the difference between good and evil isn’t as simple as which side you’re on.⁠

Matt Evans hasn’t had his super powers in nearly twenty-five years. But in the wake of an attack on the Chosen by one of their own, Matt’s powers and his past are reignited.⁠

Check out the link in our bio to get the preorder links!⁠

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