A Picture’s Worth

Malachite and Marius
Just one of the ten amazing pictures that will be in the Parliament of Twilight Episode 2 Illustrated Edition!!

Finished the formatting for the paperback version of Parliament of Twilight Episode 2 tonight!  And the cover is looking super nice as well.  It just needs a few little tweaks.  We will probably be ready to order a proof copy by the end of the weekend.  The eBook format will take a little longer, since it is really tricky getting the pictures in just right.  We should have an official release date anytime now!

Also, while we are talking about the pictures, in the coming weeks, we will be updating our Zazzle and Etsy stores to include several different ways you can get full color versions of some of the illustrations.  Stay tuned for more info about that.

Is there one that you are particularly fond of?  Let me know via Facebook message or email at hermitstarbooks@outlook.com and I’ll pass the message on to Nevi so she knows which of the illustrations people want to see in color!  There are also some fanart and original pieces already available at our stores!  Don’t be shy about checking them out.  Every like, share, and of course, every sale, is greatly appreciated!

Getting Back to Normal

Not sure what that means, exactly, but we’re settling back into a pattern now that the crazy of conventions is over for a little while.  Nijicon was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t make much in the way of sales.  We did met some really great people and discovered new artists and authors.  I’m already looking forward to next year.  I hope that the lovely ladies who put this together will be able to make it happen!

What we’re working on now is starting the planning for POT: Ep3, getting the editing process into full swing on POT: Ep2 (which we finished writing over the weekend away!), and organizing our products for the Etsy shop.  We’ve got the convention bug now, so we are looking at going to 4 or 5 next year and have already started applying to various artist alleys.

Nevi is working hard at planning out the art pieces for POT: Ep2 as well as coloring a few of the black and white pieces from Episode 1 to sell as prints.  What you’re going to see in the coming months is LOADS of new art from her that is focused more on our original characters than fan art.  Also, for those of you who have seen and loved the characters that she designed for the Yaoicon 2014 mascot contest, Isaac and Maru, they now have a story of their own in development.  Look for it in mid to late 2015!

Isaac and his merman lover Maru! Story coming in 2015, but they can be purchased as a print in our Etsy shop!

We can’t wait to get to work on this story, which is actually a hefty re-working of an older story that Nevi and I did together AGES ago!  This is going to be something we’re working on around our main title of the Parliament of Twilight, so no worries about that series slowing down because of other projects!  But with the vast world and demanding cast of characters, it’s going to be years before we see the end of the POT.  We decided there was no reason to wait to work on some of these other worlds that Nevi and I are wanting to create.

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1, hop over to our shopping page to find your dealer of choice and get yours today!  And while you’re looking around, check out the Etsy store where Nevi has several art prints available as well as the paperback!