It’s time for Matt’s board!⁠

While we were plotting and planning our mmromance series, Burn Outs, we worked with these mood boards to help shape our characters and their traits, backstories, plotlines, etc. ⁠

When we were creating Matt, who was the first character we formed alongside his counterpart Colton, we asked ourselves, what if BakugoKatsuki from MyHeroAcademia was 50? What would he be like and then we came up with this world where a small handful of the population were given superpowers.⁠

But instead of becoming traditional Heroes and Villains, they were pitted against each other in these wwe style battles, faked from the start and often rehearsed. ⁠

Matt and Colton were rivals in that world when they were in their early 20s. But then they burned out, which is what they call it when the Chosen lost their powers, a natural thing that eventually happened to all of them. ⁠

But nearly 30 years after burning out and leaving Colton behind, Matt’s powers come back. ⁠

So the question became, what would in fact happen to a 50 year old Bakugo who suddenly had his powers back? Would he seek out his old rival and lover for answers? And how would that go? ⁠

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