Have you seen our Burn Outs Mood Boards?⁠

We put a lot of thought into the inspiration for the main characters for our Burn Outs series of mmromance novels. ⁠

Today, we’re looking at the mood board for Curtis, who was originally based on klaus from the umbrellaacademy. ⁠

His power is Dark Mirror, which means that he can read the energy of an opponent’s attack and reflect back the opposite of that. Watching Curtis use that power is crazy awesome as he twists the understanding of what opposites are.⁠

Curtis does have Klaus’s penchant for making bad choices, caring too deeply and getting caught up in the oblivion that drugs and alcohol offer. But his character development and journey of sobriety and finding love might be my favorite of the subplots in this series.⁠

Because, there is of course a potential Armageddon to deal with. ⁠

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