Please Pardon Our Dust

After a very long year of emotional and dramatic events (not the least of which was our roommate’s Myke’s near death experience), I have begun to really dig into our publishing business. The first step is going to be an overhaul of our website, which has already begun and will continue over the next couple weeks as I sort out what’s what. Please have patience as pages appear and disappear, links might be broken, and I could be weeping in the corner.

Just leave a bit of chocolate and walk away slowly. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Probably.

We are deeply entrenched in the final editing stages for the next Parliament of Twilight book. Actually, there are 3 coming down the pipes in the next 9 to 10 months. Episode 4 is about to visit with its new editor, so that’s not long in the future. Five is in the early stages of editing, and we’re nearly done with the almost final draft of 6. Now that we’re not bogged down by depression, drama, illness (by the way, Nevi is back on her feet after a month of pure hell sickness), and other distracting shenanigans, we have hours more every day that we can devote to our work that were lost.

We are hoping to have a Patreon account up and running by the end of the month, because as independent authors, we could always use a little boost in the wallet. And as readers, you could always use a little exclusive content.

As we move forward, there are projects other than the Parliament of Twilight we are hoping to be able to share. Nevi and I have both started (and even almost nearly finished) solo projects. There is a space opera trilogy we’ve been working on together. There are a few stand alone projects we are keeping on the back burner (maybe to be brought out during NaNoWriMo to give us a break from the high intensity Parliament drama.) In other words, we expect to be kept busy with lots and lots of writing stuff for the foreseeable future.

Keep your eyes on the blog for announcements, maybe a few excerpts from upcoming releases, and some randomness from Nevi and I when we can sneak away from the sweatshop of words that our living room has become!

~~Dani H.

Pre-Order Links!

I’m very excited to announce that that pre-order for the eBook of Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2 is available on Smashwords!  There is still some processing to be done, but it will be available on Amazon for pre-order as well in the next day or so.  Still need your copy of Episode 1?  Check out our links here for your favorite supplier of either eBook or Print editions.

ebook cover ep2

Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2

Release Date: May 5th, 2015

Available on Smashwords, Amazon (link now live!)


When faced with terror and assassination attempts, the men of the Parliament of Twilight must show what they are made of.

Will Brodie be able to save himself from the very real horrors of a haunted house on the fake ghost hunting show? What about the wheelchair bound assassin known as Night Owl? What is he going to do with this new partner and a mission that could prove to be impossible? Can Julian find a way to feed his demanding nature that doesn’t involve Marius smuggling prostitutes into the hospital?

And what about RT’s new romance with the much younger Kayden Miles? Will Kayden’s father prove to be their undoing or the least of their worries?

The next installment of the Parliament of Twilight series delivers mortal peril, real demons, internet porn, and the beginnings of young love. More questions are asked than answered, but these boys are just getting warmed up!

EDITED to add Amazon pre-order link.

NaNoWriMo Day 25: Big News!

So if you have been following my progress this month on my Facebook page, then you know that I inserted writing a short story with Nevi into my NaNoWriMo noveling efforts.  Well, that story was a Marketplace fan fiction that we submitted to Laura Antoniou’s newest anthology No Safewords II, which is the follow up collection to No Safewords that she released early in 2013.

After several days of nerve wrecking waiting, we got news about the story.  And we were accepted into the anthology!

This is a really big deal for me, personally, because Laura Antoniou is one of my personal heroes.  Her book The Slave changed my life.  I got my hands on it somehow when I was a young, burgeoning writer and it just blew my mind.  The characters, the concepts, the raw power of her writing has been in the back of my mind ever since.  I can safely say that she is my leather godmother!  I would not be the writer I am today without the Marketplace books.

Being included in her anthology for the Marketplace universe is still very surreal, which is why I haven’t announced it yet.  I’ve been digesting the news privately for the last three days.

And as for NaNo, I am still chugging away with only 14K words left to go.  I know for a fact that the project I’m working on will be much, much more than the 50K of NaNo.  But having that much of it done at the end of the month will make a huge dent in the work of creating the original story out of what was once a fan fiction.

Still NaNo-ing, Day 8

It’s 8 days into NaNoWriMo, also known as November, the month between Halloween and Christmas, and (my personal favorite) “what the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I doing this to myself AGAIN?”

But eight days in and I haven’t quit.  I’ve got a bit on the NaNo Rebel side, and added a short story of approximately 4K words to my count, but it was completely written within the last 3 days, so it counts as new words.  Today, I’m caught up to my word count goal for NaNo, but a hair behind what I wanted my personal goal to be.  But that’s OK.  I have several days this week where I know for a fact I’ll have 6 to 8 hours of work time.  And more where it’ll be around 4 hours.  That’s the advantage of being a full time writer, I suppose.

How is everyone else doing on their NaNo?  I have a few friends who are doing it for the first time this year, and they are rocking it out!  I’m eager to share our projects at the end of the month.  That is, if they’re not too shy!

In other news, in addition to working on NaNo and our secret short story project, I’ve also been maintaining edits on the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 2.  It’s looking to be done before the end of the month.  Then it’s just sending it on the rounds of beta reading, editing, re-betaing, editing one more time, and the final read-through before it gets formatted and published.  Fingers crossed that it will be out for Christmas, but at least the pre-order will be up by then with the Episode itself being out just after the first of the year.

Soon, we will be doing a cover reveal.  Not sure of the date, but watch our Facebook page for details!

Getting Back to Normal

Not sure what that means, exactly, but we’re settling back into a pattern now that the crazy of conventions is over for a little while.  Nijicon was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t make much in the way of sales.  We did met some really great people and discovered new artists and authors.  I’m already looking forward to next year.  I hope that the lovely ladies who put this together will be able to make it happen!

What we’re working on now is starting the planning for POT: Ep3, getting the editing process into full swing on POT: Ep2 (which we finished writing over the weekend away!), and organizing our products for the Etsy shop.  We’ve got the convention bug now, so we are looking at going to 4 or 5 next year and have already started applying to various artist alleys.

Nevi is working hard at planning out the art pieces for POT: Ep2 as well as coloring a few of the black and white pieces from Episode 1 to sell as prints.  What you’re going to see in the coming months is LOADS of new art from her that is focused more on our original characters than fan art.  Also, for those of you who have seen and loved the characters that she designed for the Yaoicon 2014 mascot contest, Isaac and Maru, they now have a story of their own in development.  Look for it in mid to late 2015!

Isaac and his merman lover Maru! Story coming in 2015, but they can be purchased as a print in our Etsy shop!

We can’t wait to get to work on this story, which is actually a hefty re-working of an older story that Nevi and I did together AGES ago!  This is going to be something we’re working on around our main title of the Parliament of Twilight, so no worries about that series slowing down because of other projects!  But with the vast world and demanding cast of characters, it’s going to be years before we see the end of the POT.  We decided there was no reason to wait to work on some of these other worlds that Nevi and I are wanting to create.

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1, hop over to our shopping page to find your dealer of choice and get yours today!  And while you’re looking around, check out the Etsy store where Nevi has several art prints available as well as the paperback!