The Black Devil, Book 4: Here and Meow

Release Date – June 16, 2023.
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No one told Hades the gods were getting involved…
They are at the halfway point of their story and bonds are being made and broken. Hearts are breaking and rising up with strength they never knew they had. The world will be knocked off its axis as these souls take their stand, Here and Meow.

The Black Devil series is meant to be read in order and are not stand-alone books.

Author’s Note – This story contains adult situations & themes of violence, on-page sex between 2 (or more) males, swearing, anthro-cats, dark themes around a culture of enforced slavery, and sexual situations that some readers may find distressing. Reader discretion is advised.

Originally published on Kindle Vella as The Black Devil Omegaverse: Season Four

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The Black Devil Omegaverse

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Hades should have known better…
The job to take the little omega upstate to a breeding farm to get him out of a sticky situation seemed way to easy. And as it involved the mob, the Alpha should have known it was.

But once Hades was alone with the no-fur, the tomcat knew he was in trouble. This omega was his fated mate and no amount of mob violence was going to keep him from claiming what was his.

Dragging his best friend, his demon ex, a hapless by-stander, and an accidentally kidnapped omega into their drama, Hades and his mate escape the mob only to end up on a crash course with cosmic changes and the Fates
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