Season 2’s final episodes go live TOMORROW

The Black Devil Omegaverse

** 5 star gay romance with dark themes.
** TOP FAVED Kindle Vella serial, consistently voted into the top 250 by readers
** Season 3 premiers on April 14th

Hades is an Alpha tom who was hired to take an omega in a sticky situation to a breeding farm upstate, where he could disappear. However, once Hades was alone with this no-fur omega, it became quickly obvious that Doll was his fated mate.

Stealing the omega from his mafia owners is just the start of Hades’s problems. Problems that quickly become so big that they draw in Hades’s best friend, his demon ex-lover, a hapless bystander of a celebrity Alpha, and a feisty omega they all worked together to accidentally kidnap.

Now that they are all six on this crash course with Fate together, the world doesn’t stand a chance.

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