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Curtis is one of the main characters in our darkromance superhero series Burn Outs.
He’s introduced partway through the first book as a part of the bad guy’s retinue. As the series goes on, Curtis switches sides and plays a very important role in the final battle in Book 7.
While he was heavily inspired by klaushargreeves from umbrellaacademy in the beginning, he evolved past that into a sweet, sexy part of the team.
When we were watching encanto last week, we couldn’t quite place just who it was that brunomadrigal reminded us of, but then it hit us. He was very much like the character of Curtis from our books!
If you want to get to know Curtis, you can read the entire series on ebook on Kindle, or it will be coming out on barnesandnoble , kobo , and more over the next few weeks.
If you’re into serialnovels, it is currently being released on radish. Check our website (link in bio) for all the places you can find Burn Outs and
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