Book 1 of the Burn Outs series will be FREE for the first few days of August!! ⁠

And if you get hooked, the entire series is available now on Amazon in paperback & eBook, as well as on KU.⁠

(link in bio)⁠

Matt’s powers have mysteriously returned after more than 20 years & his former rival Colton might be the only person who understands why. There’s only one problem with asking Colton for help. They used to be in love.⁠
And maybe they still are. ⁠

But can their rekindled romance stand up to the pressure of saving the world from a hero gone bad?⁠

yaoi darkromance mmromance superhero SecondChanceRomance bdsm paranormal dubcon noncon DarkRomance freereads gaybooks lgbtwriter transauthors everybodysgayhere boyslove
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