Have you seen our Burn Outs Mood Boards?⁠

We put a lot of thought into the inspiration for the main characters for our Burn Outs series of mmromance novels. ⁠

This board is for Boris, one of the six main characters. One of the biggest influences in his creation is Diego from the UmbrellaAcademy netflixseries. His power is the ability to transform from a bad ass brawler into a super cute little catboy, like you’d see in anime. ⁠

We literally laughed for like five minutes straight when we were creating him thinking about how pissed off Diego would be if his power was that he turned into a cute little thing with a fluffy tail and ears and big, blinky eyes. ⁠

We also thought that he sounded a little like MichaelWesting from BurnNotice because he’s always got “a guy” he can call for things and knows how to do weird things, like stealing a car and how to sort of legally funnel money into credit cards for his fake IDs.⁠

((links to the books are in our
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