After the Zombies Go Home

This weekend’s Zombie Walk event was so much fun! It was great to see everyone in their best undead gear all coming together for a good cause!

For those of you who were there and picked up one of our business cards or free previews for the Parliament of Twilight books, firstly a huge THANK YOU for supporting us and the food bank.

This is me and Nevi at our booth! Nevi is the cute one! 😉


I know many of you were looking for information that wasn’t about the books. The adorable crochet critters that you saw on the side of our table were made by yours truly, Dani Hermit. Zombie Walk 2018 were their premier event. I hadn’t sold them at any event before Saturday. It was very exciting for me! If you are looking for where to find them for purchase, there are 2 options.

Firstly, I have set up a collection page at our Storenvy shop where I will be posting the critters who managed to come home with me as well as the new ones I make. There is already a new Cthulhu who wasn’t at the event and half of a voodoo doll. I expect there will be new Halloween themed plushes being added every week through the beginning of October.


There are still a few of Dani’s Gnarly Yarns available! Keep your eyes on the Storenvy page to see them as they are posted.


Your second option is to follow me on Facebook or the Hermit & Star Instagram. I talk about the plushes and show lots of pics of them on both platforms. And you can contact me via the Facebook marketplace once I start posting them on there for a local sale and save yourself some shipping.

But maybe you were looking at the art prints?

If you are looking to find more of Nevi’s art, you can also check out the Storenvy page. We are in the process of inventorying the left over prints from the event and posting what we have on both Storenvy and Facebook Marketplace. So, there is the option of following Dani Hermit on Facebook and watching for what is going up in the next couple of weeks. And like me, Nevi is always adding new pieces to her collection.

For those of you who didn’t grab a card from Happy Nakama, our booth partner and very good friend Seth, and want to find the cute little art dolls she makes, you want to hop over to her Facebook page here. You’ll find everything you need to get your hands on her work!

And as always, you can find our books at your favorite sellers.

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