Promises, Promises

Wow, what’s happened to the time? Wasn’t it just spring?

Well, as you can tell, it’s been a busy year for us here at HSB. Loads of technical issues, illnesses, real life nonsense, and uncooperative imaginary friends. We’ve made a lot of promises that we haven’t been able to come through with just yet. But we are really, truly working on them all. I swear.

The edits and formatting process for the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 4 is going as well as can be expected. We were hoping for a late summer release but we’re probably looking more into early November with the pre-order up before Halloween. And the omnibus edition of Episodes 1-3 is on the back burner for the moment. The cover is ready, the material is nearly ready (including a never before seen bonus story about a certain pair of Vampires), and the final formatting for both things is looming over me like a hungry predator. I’m only waiting to finish it because so much of my time is being eaten up by the final steps of 4.

Nevi’s art prints that went over so well at Art Beat this year will be ready for ordering in a couple weeks. We had an issue with setting up a shopping page, but I am working that out. But if you saw one that you wanted (like the infamous Trigun poster, or one of the Halloween-themed Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler ones), you can always message me on Facebook and I will set you up a PayPal invoice for what you want.

AND there are going to be t-shirts, dresses, and anything else I can find to slap Nevi’s art on in a few days!!  I just got my Sebastian the Halloween King t-shirt and it’s amazing. Seth has a tank top with Grell wearing a sugar skull mask and Nevi ordered herself the super adorable Ciel with kitty ears. This new company does awesome work and they have ACTUAL PLUS SIZES. Real, easy to order plus size shirts, dresses, and so much more. We’re so excited to get the storefront set up and share it.

I guess that’s it for now. Just watch the site for some changes to the look, some of the pages might move around, and all kinds of exciting news over the next few months as we wind down the year with some of the most awesome things we’ve done yet.


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