Just a Thought About Writing This Thing

After discovering in horror that the POT: Ep 3 was going to fall short of our minimum goal of 50K (like, massively short. Like 14K short!!), we decided to extend it, using the first scenes we have written of Ep 4.

I was worried, but now Ep 3 doesn’t end on the exact same scene that Ghost House did. I happy that we made the change, because if we had released a book that had the same ending as the book that didn’t work right, I would have been mortified. We are re-writing the series and I want it to be treated differently. Every volume doesn’t need to end on a massive cliff hanger (though some of them do!).

We are intentionally treating the new series like each volume is a new episode in a TV show (hence why we call them “Episodes” rather than “volumes” or “books”). Sometimes you don’t get all the answers in one episode. Sometimes you go an entire episode without seeing one of the characters. Sometimes it takes several episodes to resolve something.

That’s the idea we have as we’re building this series. Every scene is important to the end game. Every character has a role to play. And every Episode builds on the last one, making something that’s really much more awesome than I could have ever hoped for.


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