Is it Still November? NaNoWriMo: Day 14

Working on a complete rewrite of the final scene of the Parliament of Twilight: Ep 2. It was pitifully short and left out WAY too much information that is relevant to the plot. It’s a scene most everyone has seen before, being one from Ghost House, but that’s what makes the rewriting it so important. It’s the vital cliffhanger moment at the end of the Episode. It can’t be weak. It just can’t.

In NaNo news, I haven’t touched In a Different Light in 3 days now. I’m pitifully behind, but once I’ve finished this POT: EP2 scene, I’m going to have loads more time on my hands to catch up and finish by the end of the month.

Other than being an insane person about how much writing I’m getting done on a daily basis, life is finally quieting down.  But I think that’s because it’s winter now and the whole world seems to slow down when it gets cold.  I know I always seem to.  But this winter, I won’t be hibernating with a pile of books and gallons of cocoa.  I’m going to be keeping up the schedule I’ve set for myself during NaNo.  Three hours minimum daily for writing tasks.  At least one hour a day for reading (because if I don’t take in words, how on earth am I going to churn them out?)  And the usual couple hours of watching anime or TV with Nevi and cooking foods for my Crew.

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