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Wow, what a weekend!  Having our first convention experience was exciting, exhausting, terrifying, amazing, and above all else, educational.  We will be looking forward to returning to Ramencon over and over for the years to come!  While we didn’t do the amount of sales we would have liked, we did really well for first timers.  We had amazing neighbors, both beside us and across the way.  The people who stopped to browse at our table were so nice and friendly.  Overall, even with a few bumps and bruises, it was just so great!

our booth at Ramencon 2014, day 3.
our booth at Ramencon 2014, day 3.

But now that we’re back, we have 2 announcements.  Firstly, the paperback for our Yaoi novel, the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One, is available at a discount on  It will be coming available on other retailers in the coming weeks, but at the full price of $14.99.  And secondly, if you prefer an ebook version, it is up for pre-order on Smashwords (and MIGHT be showing up on some other sites for pre-order, but definitely once it releases).

Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!

If you’re interested in buying prints from Nevi Star (my writing partner and the cover artist), stay tuned! I have to fiddle with the setting and we will have an Etsy & a Storenvy opened by the end of the week.  Please don’t be shy about contacting us via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or a comment on our blog about the books, art, life as writers, or suggestions for fanworks you’d like to see from Nevi!  We’re super friendly and happy to hear from our readers!

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