They Have Arrived!

The books came this morning and we are so stoked for Ramencon this weekend!  They look great inside and out.  I’m so impressed with the print quality from Lulu! They’re always so nice!  Also, just an FYI, the paperback will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other retailers in the next few weeks for $14.99.  But if you want it now and for a super price of $12.74, go to Lulu!  They will be available to purchase directly from us at Ramencon and Nijicon for $15.

The books are amazing!
The books are amazing!

Also at the conventions we will have 8 x 11 art prints, 13 x 19 posters, stickers, free previews of the novel, and Rainbow’s Anthem will be joining us with her adorable plushies.  And Dani will be wearing the amazing Twilight Sparkle hoodie that was made by Seth from Rainbow’s Anthem, if you want to see what else she makes!

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