Where Are We Now?

Have you been by Yaoi A Go Go‘s table at Yaoi-con this weekend?  If not, drop by and say hello!  The lovely ladies of Yaoi a Go Go have a huge stack of our FREE previews of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One on her table.  Say hi from Hermit & Star!

us at yaoicon
those are our books, behind the fishbowl and in front of the girl in the kimono!

In other news, it’s ready!  Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 is up for sale on Lulu.com!  We’re waiting on our paperback copies to arrive, but all the online previews look amazing.  We’ve had a great success with publishing paperbacks with Lulu in the past, so I’m very confident that this one is going to be just as awesome.

Very soon, copies will be available at our Etsy & StoreEnvy sites (once I get them live!) Also, we will have a stack of books with us next weekend in Merrillville, IN at Ramencon!  If you’re in the area, why not stop by?  It’s a smallish con, so we won’t be hard to find!  And we’re going to have our amazing, rotating, editorial ninja Seth in tow, along with her collection of super cute Cuddle Buddies looking to be adopted!  And we’re taking it on the road in a few weeks all the way to Nijicon, in Valley Forge, PA.

Also, we’re offering anyone who brings their own copy of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode One to be signed a free sticker or 8 x 11 art print.  And that’s either at Ramencon, Nijicon, or if you happen to catch us out at the mall with a pile of stickers in our messenger bags!  It could happen!


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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Good for you! I support your efforts, even if the Yaoi genre … er.. um ..er .. huh huh … is not my thing. (More of a Yuri fan myself). Still, I hope you have a good con.

    My compliments on your kimono BTW.


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