Get it While It’s HOT!

Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!
Parliament of Twilight: Episode One cover!

It’s ready!  Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 is up for sale on!  We’re waiting on our paperback copies to arrive, but all the online previews look amazing.  We’ve had a great success with publishing paperbacks with Lulu in the past, so I’m very confident that this one is going to be just as awesome.

With seven brand new pieces of black and white artwork, as well as tons of new written material, this book is great for someone who has never read our work, or for a returning reader who wants to know where it all started!  As you might know, you can get the first three books we put out (Ghost House, Monster, & Inertia) as ebooks from most websites for only $0.99.  We’re calling those the Tales from the Parliament of Twilight, because they tell a big chuck of the story, focusing on three main couples.  Ghost House has Jacob & Brodie.  Monster tells the story of Julian & Siris.  And Inertia keeps things hot with the tale of RT & Skye’s first weekend together.

Around those love stories, these books attempted to map out the complicated world of the Parliament of Twilight.  The only problem was that each book was intended to be the start of a separate series, each taking place at a different point along the timeline of the world.  It made for confusing reading and even more confusing writing.  So, after a long and hard look at the story we wanted to tell, Nevi and I made the choice to stop telling three different stories and combine them all into one cohesive story line.  The result amazed even us!

The Parliament of Twilight books are going to revisit the stories told in the three books already published, but by putting them into the context of the story as a whole, you will find dimensions of the narrative opening up in a way that we just couldn’t achieve in the old format.  We’re shifting our focus away from pieces of story between steamy sex scenes.  Not to say that we’re taking out the sex!  We couldn’t do that.  The world of the Parliament of Twilight is unflinchingly sexual.  Changing that would undo the integrity of what we’ve created.  But the sex scenes aren’t going to be point of the books like they were becoming when we tried to conform to the pattern set forth by writers who are at the forefront of our genre of Paranormal Romance and Horror.

While we love the works of JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bec McMaster, and others like them, we have found that containing the story to one pair of lovers at a time just doesn’t fit our writing style.  So we’re working with an ensemble cast, full of unforgettable characters, romantic entanglements, apocalyptic prophecies, evil conglomerates, and wild adventures.  They’ll be fighting monsters, dodging ex-lovers, forming friendships and rivalries, and chasing happiness, blissfully unaware that every move is part of some greater scheme.  It should be a wild ride (for us as much as our readers!)

Also, anyone who brings their own copy of Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 to our table at Ramencon or Nijicon to be signed will also get a free piece of 8 x 11 art!

Also, check out our shiny new account!  Donate as little as $1 to help us get the next book ready for publication!

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